Business Model

More Business, Less Risks

In the name of real sustainability

MORE is here to create solid profits while solving the global climate and energy global issues. With integrity and a real clean business approach we commit to our partners and stakeholders with full environmental and social responsibility for our Planet but with the entrepreneurship and endeavour necessary to overcome the hurdles of a competitive business environment. We share the vision and commitment with our partners, clients and counterparts taking our part of the risks and investing our money, know how and integrity with 2 different business models.

Project Development

  • We identify and conceptualise an opportunity assessing directly its feasibility

  • We then invest in the development stage with appropriate partners (local agents/technology providers etc) on a customised base

  • We bring the project to the appropriate development stage (depending on the specific project risks/size etc)

  • We match the opportunity with the investment and financing market capability and implement the project till its full operation

Project Matching

  • We select and evaluate third party solid projects at different stages on the project cycle (eg. assets, concepts, etc.)

  • We match each project with the investment and financing market capability selecting appropriate players

  • We create the conditions to bring each project to a successful landing by matching all parties needs

  • We follow up the full process with commitment and determination till the deal is finalized

Our Approach

MORE is relying on a wide and reputed network of first class players covering all phases and insights of each project.

MORE acts with a customised and committed concierge approach, connecting and aligning interests of all parties for the success of each project. MORE works actively on local economic development, long lasting relationships and local jobs, with communities and stakeholders. MORE believes in joining business and social programs for local entrepreneurship, professional training, education sponsorship.

Project Re-cycle

MORE applies an innovative approach to maximise the success rate of each project in line with the planned time, quality and economic targets:

From a linear (unsustainable) approach to a circular economy (and business) model.

Presence and competence on each phase depending on the single project from its Concept to its Conversion (decommissioning/  revamping/ upgrade).

Connecting actors/parties and steps, smoothing and removing technical/ social/ economical hurdles along the project cycle.

A broad basket of selected Clean Tech opportunities

Wherever there is a solid opportunity MORE is there to take it and to commit for its success. In a short operation time we have selected a consistent set of Clean Tech initiatives with already successful implementations. The variety of business model and structure, ranging from private initiatives to PPP, PPA, DBOT/DBOO, at different project stages, from greenfield, to operating assets, provide our partners with an incredible range of investment opportunities.
MORE projects pipeline consists in a strongly diversified array of over 100 Renewable Energy and Waste Management initiatives in 3 continents. Different stages of development, investment size, risk profile for a customised approach to the market. MORE projects pipeline is the core of our value and is carefully and fully confidentially managed so to protect our know-how and all involved parties’ business interests. Please contact us for any specific enquiry.

Pipeline Projects