Connecting & Aligning Interests

An open network for a win-win business and human partnership

Our Planet Earth is big and small at the same time and nobody can make business alone in the modern and ever complex Clean Tech ground. What makes the difference is how committed, reliable and integrated is your team and network, being a local promoter, a technology provider, or an investor. That’s why MORE founds its success strategy on an innovative 3 level structure: Management Team, Strategic Partners and Network Partners.

Management Team


Lorenzo Nettuno

PhD in Environmental Engineering, > 25 Y experience on whole project life cycle as project engineer-technical director and then CEO in a reputed environmental consulting company. Wide international experience in complex Clean Tech projects. Deep knowledge on the middle east, Brasil and selected Africa Countries’s market. Fluent in Italian, English, French, Spanish. Entrepreneurial and commitment culture with a “Concierge” attitude.

Partner & Technical - Commercial Manager

Mojgan Heidari

Civil Engineer Bachelor, PhD in Chemist/Pharmacy, extended background in R&D related to environment and health. > 15Y working experience in different Renewable Energy investment companies specialised in Hydro, Wind, Biomasses, Solar. Iranian mother tongue, English, Italian, Arabic . Public relation and negotiation attitudes with a touch of oriental culture.


Best practices and solid investment capability

The Strategic Partners identified by MORE represent the ideal allies in the implementation of our global mission.

MORE bases an important asset of its delivery capability on the structured partnership with first class players in the 2 Sectors of actions: Waste Management and Renewable Energy. We have selected and partnered with private medium size solid and competitive entrepreneurial entities to offer:

  • best practices and references in the respective Sectors

  • solid technologies and turn key solutions

  • execution and operation experience

  • solid investment capabilities

MORE can so provide, beyond reliable development capabilities, a solid industrial platform to successfully arrange a case by case winning team on each Project.

MORE Partner Network has been developed in over 25Y of experience in the Clean Tech sector of its Management Team.

A solid Network of Partners is essential in our global business. Partner selection is well customised according to skills (commercial, technical, entrepreneurial) and depending on the geography/market and business area. MORE is open to widen this precious network already consisting of over 25 entities worldwide, from companies to individuals, fully aligned with our delivery commitment with a fair profit share approach. This precious network powers a > 1000 leads among, developers, investors, EPC, engineering, banks etc. which contribute to create MORE’s business success capability.


A reliable, adaptable and diffused network