Ideas, products and solutions

For the Circular Economy

The challenge in Clean Tech applications worldwide is not merely a technology issue but rather a matter of smartly combining and adapting solutions, ideas and products to the specific economic-social-energy context, together with a strategic and solid long term business oriented holistic vision. MORE provides realistic and pragmatic solutions in line with this new paradigm and within a sustainable & circular economy approach, in 2 key strategic sectors of the global climate defiance.

Waste Management

MSW & Bio-Waste
We rely on consolidated frontier technologies providing 360° integrated solutions for each regulatory, economic and social context:

  • Bio Reactor Landfills: safe storage, green energy Production
  • LandFill Mining: recovery of territory and new generation fuels
  • Bio drying/composting: production of sustainable fertilizers
  • Anaerobic Digestion: green energy/biomethane and fertilizers
  • Mechanical/Manual Recycling: new products, alternative fuels
  • Waste to Fuel: conversion into sustainable liquid/gas fuels
  • Waste to energy: direct conversion to electrical/thermal energy

Industrial & Commercial Waste
We customise the project based on a deep market analysis and efficient optimisation and integration of technologies:

  • Chemical/physical decontamination precesses
  • Mechanical recycling and resource recovery
  • Energy recovery incineration, safe landfilling

Renewable Energy

Utility Scale
We provide cost efficient renewable energy solutions covering all technologies and applying Tier1 competitive approach:

  • Solar: large scale, fix and tracking systems including storage
  • Hydro: small to medium projects including hydro storage
  • Wind: large on & off shore projects with frontier technologies
  • Biomass: custom anaerobic digestion and thermal processes

Off-Grid Systems – Rural Electrification
We integrate technologies, know how and a socially responsible approach to give long lasting solution to local communities:

  • Small scale systems with integrated combined technologies
  • Storage, local distribution networks and Solar Home Systems


Technology risk management, the key factor to success

Over 25 years of experience continuously evolved and up to date with regulations and technologies in the field.

We customise our approach based on sustainable solutions rather then on a technology model. We focus on long term efficiency as a final result whether in disposing, recycling/recovery of materials or energy recovery. Our strategy and partnership covers all processes, in MSW and Industrial Waste.


Landfills of all categories for over 50Mcm in different countries

Landfills of all categories for over 50Mcm in different countries



MSW mechanical and biological and thermal treatment plants.


Pioneering and visioning the clean energy future

We cover all mainstream technologies, ranging from off grid, industrial/self consumptions to large scale utility applications.

Our track record in Renewable Energy, with our strategic partner includes a strong experience as EPC and Operator. Our expertise covers a large spectra of projects from utility scale to hybrid and rural electrification initiatives.


MW Solar Projects in 4 countries

MW in Onshore Wind plants on 14 sites



GW of projects in the pipeline World Wide

Some Business Examples

2017 - TODAY

Industrial Waste Facilities

Model: Private – market
Country: 3 countries – confidential
MORE’s Role: Developer & Partner
Investment: Between 100 – 200M€ / project
Target IRR: > 30%

First multi technology fully integrated large Industrial Waste Management Platform in different emerging oil & gas based countries.

2017 - TODAY

MSW Projects

Country: 3 countries – confidential
MORE’s Role: Promoter & Developer
Investment Range:  30-60 M€ / project
Target IRR: > 25%

Development of multi-technology solution based on innovative efficient and modular bio-processes maximising energy and material recovery.

2016 - TODAY

Solar Projects

Model: Grid Connected – PPA
Country: 2 countries – Confidential
MORE’s Role: Promoter & Developer
Investment: 10-30 M€ / project
Target IRR: > 20%

Development of medium large utility scale Solar Projects under FiT- 20Y PPA scheme. 20MW in operation, over 500MW under development.